Sad endings and new beginnings

I'm sorry to say we will be closing the doors on 31st May 2022.
It's been a journey of the highest highs, and now in closing, the lowest lows which always accompany growth. There's still time to find some Zen in the center of Beaconsfield though. Our full timetable will continue to run until 31st.

Love and light,
Natalie x

About us

Zen House is a boutique yoga, pilates and barre studio, inspired by the timeless wisdom of Zen. Whether you’re looking for a class to focus on each breath or to leave you breathless, at Zen House we strive to make every breath and journey count.

We're excited to welcome you back!

Of course we're still keeping up to date with the latest protocols to keep you healthy and safe in our space.







As teachers and yoga practitioners, when we roll out our yoga mat we feel like we've come home – centered, peaceful and happy. This is what we wanted to create at Zen House, a space and energy for everyone to feel like they've come 'home'. 

Natalie, Zen House Yoga 

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