Each journey begins with a single breath.

Inhale. Exhale. Breath. Hit the ESC key. Switch off. Let go.

Forget the chaos of your day and make time for you.

Time to energise and reinvigorate, or relax, reflect and see things afresh.

Find your inner zen and begin your journey.

A journey to make every breath count. 

A journey that begins at Zen House.

About us

Zen house is a boutique yoga studio, specialising in hot, aerial, yin and vinyasa (flow) yoga as well as pilates and barre. 


Inspired by the timeless wisdom and symbol of zen, the sacred circle symbolises the beauty of imperfection, the art of letting go and the strength of feeling connected. At Zen House we have created a space that does just that, where you can feel grounded, escape the clutter of your daily life and find your best self. 


We provide a rich variety of styles with expert tuition, whether you are wanting to relax and unwind or reinvigorate and energise.

Our highly experienced, dynamic team are here to nurture and inspire your physical and mental wellbeing, with everyone welcomed, whatever your ability.


We believe each of us is our own best teacher and when we learn to connect the mind with the breath and the body, magical things happen.


So whether you’re looking for a class to focus on each breath or to leave you breathless, at Zen House we strive to make every breath and journey count.

Our classes

Whether you want to relax and unwind or feel energised and reinvigorated, we have something for everybody and all abilities. 

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If you've got a question or you want to drop in for a class, get in touch with Zen House.


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