Make every breath count.

Our classes

At Zen House we provide a rich variety of classes for whatever mood you're in and for all abilities. Whether you're ready to get sweaty or chill out, through our classes we want to enable everyone to connect with themselves in an authentic way through fitness and holistic wellbeing. 

Relax and Unwind

Ground yourself and find peace within with our relax and unwind classes.


Suitable for beginners

Restorative Yoga Nidra

Move through a series of restorative poses supported by props and held for longer periods of time. With guided meditation to bring deep relaxation to your body.


All levels

Yin Yoga

A gentle and relaxing class that works deeply into the connective tissues and joints through extended holds of postures.

Energise and Activate

Invigorate your body with our energise and activate classes.


All levels


Movement to breath, steadily paced with creative sequencing.


All levels


A structured athletic sequence combining strength, flexibility and stamina for a complete sequence.


All levels

Yoga Beats

A dynamic and fun flow, finishing with an ambient chill out vibe, led to a live DJ set of deep house music . A real mid-week pick me up! 


All levels

Suitable for beginners


Gentle flows mixed with longer holds to increase flexibility and improve your immune system.


All levels

Suitable for beginners

Aerial Yoga

A course  that integrates the supportive nature of hammocks with asana practice. The hammocks give you access to postures that are usually found too challenging or daunting.


All levels

Suitable for beginners

Beginners Yoga

A class that focuses on the fundamentals of yoga, giving you confidence to try any of our other classes.


All levels


A low impact class that aims to strengthen and stabilise your core body whilst improving postural alignment.


All levels


A hybrid workout combing ballet inspired movements with elements of pilates, yoga and strength training.

Get hot and fired up

Get the endorphins pumping with our get hot and fired up classes.


All levels

Heated Flow

A yoga class in the heat, increasing the sweat and deepening the stretch.


All levels

Hot 60

A static class of 26 less weight bearing postures (bikram style). The heat will eliminate toxins from the body, leaving you feeling restored and refreshed.


All levels

All levels


A dynamic sequence inspired by the ashtanga vinyasa flow, consisting of standing poses, seated poses and ending with the traditional closing series.


All levels

All levels

Yoga Sculpt

A fitness yoga hybrid to transform your body. This class is filled with effective exercises and multiple reps which will tone and engage the muscles in your entire body. 

Private & Corporate Yoga

Whether you're looking to do

one-on-one yoga sessions to enhance your personal practice, or you're wanting to improve wellness in your workplace with corporate yoga, we're here to help whatever your requirements.


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